Hospital Management Solution

Hospital Management Solution

Hospital Management Solution

A unified hospital management solution to help streamline operations, reduce costs and improve healthcare.

The eClinicalWorks Hospital Management Solution (HMS) is a comprehensive solution that integrates the various functions found in the inpatient environment, improving operational efficiency, streamlining workflows, and facilitating the delivery of high quality patient care. The eClinicalWorks HMS is a web-based product that spans the clinical, administrative and financial areas of an integrated healthcare delivery system.

The HMS is a turnkey solution. The system has features that automate hospital processes from patient registration through discharge, including the delivery of emergency room services, documenting inpatient care, managing orders, results, medications, surgical theater, and diet and kitchen functions, as well as enterprise functions such as Human Resources, payroll, and supply chain management.

The eClinicalWorks HMS is a web based solution that is suited for all variations of a hospital setting, whether it be a privately-owned or government hospital, nursing home, long-term care facility in a single or across multiple locations.


Patient Registration

The ADT module of the product manages the patient registration process from outpatient status to inpatient admission, transfers between facilities, through final discharge. Patient demographic capture and assignment of a unique patient I.D. number begin with this module of the health management information system. The ADT module also provides a seamless integration with the master patient index, the appointment scheduler, outpatient billing, diagnostic centers, and the pharmacy system. ADT is the first step in the formation of a holistic longitudinal patient view that spans the entire continuum of care from the outpatient and inpatient perspectives.

Ward and Bed Management

The Ward and Bed Management module performs three different functions: Patient Administration, Patient Information Management, and Nursing Care Activities Management. The Ward and Bed Management module interacts with other modules such as Diagnostic Centers, Blood Bank, Pharmacy, Dietary Management, Operation Theatre, etc. and allows the nursing staff to allocate and release beds and notify other areas of the hospital about transfers, discharges and other patient-related activities.

Ward and Bed Management

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The EMR contains all of the necessary fields that the physician needs to complete to fully document the clinical activity surrounding the patient’s admittance to the hospital. The EMR contains information, such as documents, lab results, vital signs, surgical notes, etc. to understand and manage the patient’s conditions and facilitate a smooth recovery.

Lab and Radiology Information Systems

The Lab Information System and Radiology Information System (LIS/RIS) function similarly for laboratory and radiology investigations. These modules streamline workflow and eliminate time consuming paperwork by digitizing the orders and returning electronic results that can be accessed easily on dashboards. The LIS/RIS module automates the generation of collection lists, labels, and worksheets; provides instant comparison and statistical analysis of results, and provides up-to-the-minute patient data and charge information. Investigations processed through the LIS/RIS module are automatically posted to the patient’s folio for review, follow-up, and billing. This module also manages the lab and radiology inventory and decrements the inventory based on consumable supplies used.

Pharmacy and Material Management

Purchasing, Drug/Pharmacy Management, Material Management/Inventory

These modules of the hospital management information system all serve the fundamental purpose of ensuring that hospital personnel have the medications and supplies they need, where and when they need them. Medication and material management functions, from the initial procurement, through stocking, order fulfillment, re-order, re-stock, transfer, and audit, are all handled within the purchasing, drug/pharmacy, and material management/inventory modules. Vendor management, stock transfer, inventory level analysis, and patient billing for medications and consumables are all functions that are included in these versatile modules.

Billing and Collections

Billing and Collections generates accurate and timely bills for services rendered in the outpatient and the inpatient settings. This module can record outpatient cash payments with receipts or can send bills to a Credit Company with a copy to the patient. On the inpatient side, this module is integrated with the many aspects of service delivery within the hospital and maintains a billing record of all services provided from the date and time of admission until discharge. The system automatically calculates bed, facility, and services charges, including inputs from surgery management, nursing, diagnostic, operating theatre, dietary services, and pharmacy. Cash collection, revenue reports, patient statements, and payment reminders are all part of the Billing and Collections module, making this a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution.

Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise Analytics

The Enterprise Analytics module generates a variety of reports that provide insight into the administrative and financial status of the organization and give management the data needed to make informed decisions.