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With a relentless commitment to enhancing healthcare, eClinicalWorks stands as a steadfast partner to its customers, driven by a collective ambition cultivated over two decades.
Guided by a dream to deliver unparalleled products and cloud-based solutions, our team of over 6,000 professionals is dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare technology through relentless innovation and unwavering dedication.
Our Mission and Vision
eClinicalWorks was founded in 1999 with a simple goal: Rid doctors’ offices of paper and make every connection providers need — to pharmacies, labs, and supply chains. Our intent then was to digitize and improve communications and workflows. That remains true. But today, our mission has grown to become one of redefining what is possible — and expected — in healthcare IT.
Through unified cloud-based solutions, we seek to control costs, reduce errors, deepen understanding, and improve the quality of care. We are creating tools to bridge the gaps between providers and patients, hospitals and private practices, and healthcare facilities and payers.
Why eClinicalWorks
eClinicalWorks serves over 500 hospitals across India, providing comprehensive healthcare management solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Indian healthcare landscape. Our suite of offerings includes eClinicalWorks OPRA, a user-friendly electronic medical records solution with advanced practice management and clinical charting capabilities.
Additionally, our HMIS (Hospital Management Information System), CMIS (Clinical Management Information System), and Healow India platforms collectively support the entire healthcare ecosystem in India, offering a holistic approach to improving patient care and operational efficiency.
eClinicalWorks by the Numbers
Empowering Global Healthcare with Secure, Comprehensive Solutions
Physicians and NPs using eClinicalWorks EHR worldwide
Healthcare Professionals using eClinicalWorks EHR worldwide
550 Hospitals
Hospitals using eClinicalWorks in India
25,000 + Beds
Beds Managed in eClinicalWorks in India
30,000 +
Patient registered daily in eClinicalWorks in India
Our Solutions
We are much more than a traditional EHR. Today’s eClinicalWorks offers unified and integrated healthcare IT solutions for medical professionals of every size and type — ambulatory practices, urgent care facilities, health centers, hospitals, and more than 50 specialties — along with tools for Patient Engagement, Population Health, and Revenue Cycle Management.
eClinicalWorks HMIS
eClinicalWorks leads in Electronic Health Records innovation.
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eClinicalWorks OPRA
It is a comprehensive solution designed to manage outpatient medical records efficiently.
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